Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday's Adventures with Luna in DC 6/15/11

We had a FABULOUS day today! It was perfect weather..a gorgeous 80 degrees with low humidity! yay! We took off at 9am and headed to the National Zoo. We met up with my friend Tami who is a zookeeper in the Invertebrates Exhibit. She hooked us up with an AWESOME behind the scenes tour and let Luna feed all of the creatures! Tami's assistant Claire was wonderful, and let Luna run the show! Luna was so excited! We started off by going in the back and seeing the tank with all of the sea stars, urchins and conchs. Luna was able to pick them all up and get up close to everything. She got to feed the beautiful cuttlefish who were zebra striped one second and a neon reddish the next. They are AMAZING! She fed them shrimp on the end of a stick. Then they fed the huge ocean lobster, and the highlight of the trip was Luna being able to feed "OCTAVIUS" the gorgeous Giant Octopus. Luna held the stick with the large shrimp on it, and Octavius played with her by pulling on the stick she fed him with! He would reach up with his tentacles almost out of the tank and pull on the stick that Luna held. She kept saying "he is so strong"! He is HUGE! and Luna got to climb up on top of the tank with Tami and feed him. We then saw the Orangutans, Gorillas, Zebras, Pandas and Elephants. It was a nice morning and we then stopped at McDonalds and had lunch. We then drove to the Natural History Museum for the 3rd time haha. We FINALLY got through the whole thing! YAY! CHECK! On the way home Luna was so excited to see a restaurant named Luna Grill and Diner..We were home by 3, watched the twins for an hour, and then headed to the pool. Subs for supper and finished watching the Karate Kid movie (the new one with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan (IT WAS GOOD!)). It was a wonderful day and we had a blast! SORRY DAVE AND MANDI...LUNA forgot her glasses today when we left and I forgot to remind her! UGH! Will try to do better tomorrow :) Love Theresa!

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