Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adventures in DC with Luna Kahuna Tuesday 6/14

We had a fabulous day, but we were exhausted last night so I didnt get around to posting the pictures until today SORRY! Luna met a friend (Anna) who lives down teh street. Anna is a really sweet girl and is also 11, so we invited her to come along on our trip. WE spent the morning at Mount Vernon (George and Martha's place) and it was a PERFECT DAY to do it. It was 77 degrees! YAY! WE saw the house, the stables, took a boat ride on the SPIRIT OF MOUNT VERNON TOUR BOAT that took us to FORT WASHINGTON, saw a movie about his military career (it was really awesome!) and saw the farm, the slave cabin, the slave memorial,a few of their Carraiges, George and Marthas graves, and the round Threshing barn. The threshing barn was not showing the demonstration as the wheat is not ready yet, however after July 4th they have actual demonstrations where they lay the wheat on the floor of the round barn that has slats in the floor (see picture) and the horses "TROT" on top of the wheat and the seed falls through the cracks ..then they bundle up the stalks for bedding..and take the seed ..sift it..then bag it up to take it to the Grist mill for making into flour. Mt Vernon is really a great place and they have upgraded it a lot since the last time I went there..they have a new museum and educational center now. After Mount Vernon we went to Noodles and Company for lunch. Anna and Luna had Wisconsin Mac&Cheese, and I had the Japanese pan noodles. YUMM! We had frozen lemondade and came back to the house , got into our suits and headed to the pool. Luna is getting really great climbing the rock wall and almost can make it to the top. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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