Friday, June 17, 2011

Thursday's adventures in DC with Luna

We had a great day! Daron took a day of leave and came with us to the American History Museum. We found a public parking garage (at the Ronald Reagan building) that is right across the street from the museum and since we only live about 6 minutes from the museum, it saved us from taking the metro and wasting a whole lot of time that we could use in the museum.
It is a wonderful museum and is full of really amazing things. To name a few: Abe Lincolns top hat, Dorothys ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz, the original Kermit the frog, THE AMAAAAAZING STAR SPANGLED BANNER (HUGE FLAG) from 1812! Unfortunately you cant take pictures of it though!, THe hall of First Ladies Inauguration dresses! INCLUDING MARTHA WASHINGTONS and Mary Lincolns dresses that still look amazingly new! They are the real deal! George Washington's dress uniform!, Lots of Presidential personal belongings!, and exhibits about all wars and military history. It is a wonderful place to really put a new light on our country's history. Luna also had fun in the Sparks lab, inventors wing, and trying out the sailboarding simulator. She loved making designs with tiles and mirrors, and built things in the science lab. She rode the flight simulators downstairs and we both got to swim with dolphins and she rode a roller coaster. We then had lunch in the cafe there, and walked back to the car and headed home. We walked through the courtyard of the Ronald Reagan International Trade building and there was a live band and people were dancing. We went to Michaels to pick up some scrapbooking stickers for her album and then came home and headed to bed. We are having such a great time with her and cant believe that she leaves next week! BUMMER! Enjoy the pictures, my camera was giving me fits in the low light of some of the exhibits..sorry that they arent very good pictures today!! HEY MANDI AND DAVE..notice the GLASSES ON HER FACE??? haha Luna is getting tired of her Auntie taking pictures all the time and making her can tell by the look on her face. She actually did have a good time! :)

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