Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursdays Adventures in DC with LUNA KAHUNA

Dont forget to click on the pictures to see them up close...First I must say that the picture of Daron in the fire truck tent is hilarious and Im so going to get killed for putting it on our blog (but oh well) hahahaha. Make sure you dont miss it! He loves having a kid in the house so he can be even more goofy than normal! Also a few pictures on here of Luna Scrapbooking..I showed her how to and she loves it. She has been doing a great job on the pictures that we have taken so far. Hopefully by the end of her trip she will have a whole completed scrapbook..I added a couple of pictures of the first couple pages in her book! She has done a fabulous job! We started off today with breakfast and then driving to the metro. We took the metro train into DC and headed first to the USDA where we had lunch in their AMAZING food court. (Its open to the public, has excellent food, and is very inexpensive!) Just go in the back door (WING 2) and go through security. Luna had the guy at the deli make her the exact sandwich that she wanted so she had a ham and swiss with grapes, cheese, lemonade and german chocolate cake. THIS NIECE of mine sure can eat! :) I had mexican and it was yummy. We then walked to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History (LUNA told me to add that it was a very hot and long walk and she almost DIED) "It was awful" THE DRAMA! Saw the Capitol and Washington Memorial. We walked around the mammals exhibit and then went to see an amazing IMAX show called "Born to be Wild" which is a true story about two women(Birute Mary Galdikas in Borneo and Daphne Sheldrick in Kenya who have dedicated their lives to saving baby animals. Birute takes in orphaned orangutans and nurtures them so that they can eventually be returned to the wild. Daphne takes in orphaned baby elephants, and returns them to the wild in a few years. It was an amazing film and we both loved it. After the movie was over we went to the Butterfly exhibit and all the butterflies loved LUNA and kept landing on her head! We then went and saw the Human Origins exhibit where Luna got turned into a cave girl and it was AWESOME (Luna's quote). And aunty theresa did it to and it look wierd and she said its not my "falt my face is messed up." [from the mouth of luna, and typed by her]. Isnt my niece SO NICE!!! WE then came home and ate corn dogs, mac n cheese, poptarts and marmallows ...all kids food (Luna's quote again). Hope you enjoy the pictures! there are lots of them. Love the one with her zebras...she is in love with them...if you dont believe me ...check out her outfit. Also am in love with the picture of her and the sea otter...her expression is so funny!

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