Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Thursday! (or Wednesday for those that are in the states!) We had a nice evening. Katie performed with her wind ensemble at a big hotel downtown Tumon. She had an amazing jazz solo and the whole production was very well done. I took some pictures and will try to download them tonight and on here in the next day or two. The girls have their last 2 softball games tomorrow and saturday..and then soccer and paddling teams start next week. Hannah will be starting her 2nd year of High School Varsity soccer, and Kate is on the Paddling team (Guam's equivalent to rowing). The rowing team looks like it will be fun, as the 6 man boats are taken out in the ocean and they have to battle waves! Kate is really looking forward to it and is excited..however I am a bit concerned as she is very fair skinned and I'm worried about sunburns...but I'm sure all will be fine. She will just have to take a bath in sunblock before going out on the ocean for 5 hours. Hannah has a good shot of being able to go to Far East Soccer which is being held in Yakota, Japan this year. The schools here in Guam compete at these sports events where other DODEA schools are there (Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Guam). They are lots of fun and allows the kids to travel all around the world. Pretty amazing opportunities for them! Kate goes to the Far East Band every year. Her sophomore year she made 6th chair flute in Okinawa, last year she made 3rd chair and this year she got 1st chair!!! She was so excited to get 1st chair her senior year! This year it is in Yakota, Japan.
Here is a link from Last year's Far East Band.

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Grandma Charla said...

Do you have any recordings of the wind ensemble? Would love to hear them play. Thanks for sharing.

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