Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Creepy Guam Coconut Crab AKA Ayuyu

We are so lucky to have in Guam the cuddly adorable coconut crab! Here is a picture of one,,,this little guy is the size of a dinner plate. They found one 3 times this size up on Andersen Air Force base up on the north part of the island. There is a man who lives a few streets over who’s house in on the street that leads to the beach and he says that he watches them cross the road all the time. Their claws are strong enough to open a coconut (their main source of food), thus their name. The native Chamorro people call them ayuyu. They are the largest living hermit crab in the world. I did a little research and found the following article on them. And I thought spiders were creepy!!

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Anonymous said...

fyi it's "chamorro" not "chammoran"

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