Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hannah Perkins Age 16 Alexandria, VA

1. Hannah Lauren and Hannah
2. Hannah in her new hoodie she bought at the concert Feb 2009
3. Hannah and Lauren who she met in Guam..moved to Japan for a year and now lives 20 minutes from us!
4. Hannah and the crew at the concert in DC
5. Hannah's friends shoes
6. Hannah and her friend Hannah
7. Hannah and her retro 80's headphones ( i think I had a pair just like this when I was her age haha)
8. Shaunt the lead singer of Hannah's favorite band...when she was waiting 4 hours in the rain outside the concert to make sure she got good seats, she saw Shaunt walk over to the gas station to get money out of the ATM...she stood there and waited to talk to him (he thought she was a stalker haha) and she asked him to sign her tshirt...he signed it and she said she will NEVER WASH IT AGAIN!! She also had the whole band sign her album ! She was soooooooooo excited to see them in concert!
9. Hannah and her uniform for working at Mt vernon...she has to wear an apron and badge..black pants and white collared shirt..and black shoes UNFORTUNATELY she was told Converse are NOT all black..

I know I know I havent updated in a while...ive discovered Facebook and seem to keep up with that alot better..but wanted to add some new pictures. These are of Hannah banana age 16. There are a couple of her in her uniform at Mt Vernon Plantation her new job. Yes, She works in George Washington's old house ...well in the gift shop at least. YES, and George Washington Is my friend Amy's secret boyfriend. She once told me that if she could have any boyfriend from history it would be George Washington...YES WE DO HAVE STRANGE CONVERSATIONS AMY AND I haha. Sorry Chris! :) Some other pictures are of Hannah and her friends....when they went to a concert in Washington DC (Hannahs' favorite band is "cute is what we aim for".....and she got to meet the lead singer and actually talk to him)..She has been up in the clouds ever since. Hope you enjoy the pics Love you all and miss you!

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Katie said...

my little sister is growing up...adn im not there to see it...sadness...I miss you guys...im loving the pics up on this site mamma :D

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