Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mumbai India Trip November 2010

What a wonderful trip! I visited Bombay (aka Mumbai, India) for a week and got to meet Malikas sister Supriya, Aunt Trixie, Uncle Gerard, and her Grandmother. We stayed with her parents Megan and Maurice and we had a blast! The twins LOVED being with their Grandparents! I got to go on a Slumdog Millionare tour of the Dharavi was incredible. Our tour guide Fahim was great and he knew everything about the slums. Fahim was born in Dharavi, Mumbai, the second-largest slum in the world, and he's lived there his entire life. He's a college student studying business. He started a service offering English-language tours of the slum to provide job opportunities for youth in the slum and to try dispel misconceptions about slum life. The tour was fabulous, and if any of you get a chance to go to Mumbai I would highly Recommend taking this tour! Here is his link!
Unfortunately I was not allowed to take many pictures...but I did get a few outside the slum. The street children in Mumbai were so beautiful, and I wanted to gether them all up and bring them home with me. The first picture of the little boy carrying his baby sister with a plate of food in the other hand is one of my favorite pictures. He was so cute and couldnt have been more than 4 or 5 years old! I loved the shops and markets, and we went to a fabric store and I bought 6 bunches of fabric and had 6 shirts made from Rainbow Tailors (Malika and her Mother use them all the time). Tailored shirts including fabric were less than $8 each! We had such a wonderful time and i miss Malikas family they were soo nice! I found a store called Patton's supposedly we sell shoes! haha. The picture of the 3 guys are Fahim our tour guide in the middle and Mike and Murray two guys who went on the Slumdog Tour with me. They are both from South Africa and were really nice!

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