Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hannah Banana's Junior Prom June 2009

Hannah had a blast at her Junior Prom! She started Saturday getting her hair and nails done at Yvonnes our favorite salon here in Alexandria, VA. We took her up to Old Town Alexandria where she met the other 6 people who were going and took pictures at the marina. Then they went to have supper at El Porto Restaurant (Italian) and the stretch hummer limo picked them all up...drove them around Washington DC (Capitol and monuments etc), then to prom. They then came back here for an After prom party and we had kids here till 11am....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ what a night of no sleep...but it was fun! Enjoy the pics!


John said...

Pictures are missing!

Daron and Theresa said...

Sorry blogspot was acting cranky the other day and wouldnt download the pics so I got mad and figured I'd come back to it. Thanks for the reminder! Enjoy the pics..i also sent them to all the perkins email addresses that I can find. If you could forward them on to anyone I dont have ( Clay and cole especially)

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