Sunday, November 2, 2008

Katie Daron and Hannah carving (more like STABBING)
Katie is so gross haha. Daisy was watching everything she was doing and wanted to jump in and eat whatever it was she was trying to eat.

They are both biting their lip..thought that was funny

Scary pumpkin carving..we found some HUGE pumpkins this year!

I KNOW I KNOW IM LAME for not keeping up with this! So much has gone on since June 2008 haha. First of all we now live in Alexandria, Virginia. We found a house on Patton The Patton's live on Patton TOO COOL EH? Katie decided the Academy was not for her and came home after 3 weeks saying that she doesn't want to be in the military after all. (We were disappointed, but 10 years in the Air Force when she didn't like it would have been horrible, so we are dealing with it all). She is planning on going to Eastern Kentucky University for the first year and working with her old Flute teacher (Professor Kristen Keane) and try to get an audition together for a music school?? Not sure yet..but will let you know. She is now working at Ted's Montana's Grill (Ted Turner's upscale steak place) in Alexandria and she really loves it. She will start school in January. Hannah is liking her school and is a junior at Mt Vernon High School (about 2 minutes from Mt Vernon Plantation). She is in the Culinary Arts program and wants to be a chef. She has made several friends now and is enjoying school and making A's and B's. Daron likes his job..he is working for the Washington Navy Yard at NavSea. He goes into the newly built ships (The George H W Bush is the latest (a carrier)) and tells them where to put medical equipment etc. I decided not to teach this year and to be a nanny for 2 (3 month old) boys (TJ and Caleb). I work until around 2pm and am really loving it. Here are some pictures of pumpkin carving!! Enjoy..Ill try to post something every week now that Im finally all settled in We love and miss you all!

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Karla W. said...

I love all the photos. You guys sound as if you've had a busy couple of months. I'm glad things have finally settled a bit.

Love Karla and Uncle Mike

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